ROMA featured in “A Thoroughly Modern Home”

In Sunday’s issue of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the AJC Homefinder Section  featured a story called, “A Thoroughly Modern House.”  The article is about homeowner Lisa Vail, and her family, achieving “their dream of building a home with modern design and sustainable elements.”

Vail exterior

This side view of the Vail residence shows the ROMA stucco that was used around the base of the home.

Walls throughout the home were painted with ROMA Biodomus Matte Paint.

emerald green neck-2

View of the kitchen where ROMA Biodomus Matte paint was also used.

 Lisa used ROMA’s Biodomus Matte paint throughout her home located in Roswell.    The Vail’s also used our lime-based stucco on the exterior of the home.  “We love how eco-friendly this paint is, both from a health and planet standpoint,” Lisa said.  (In the article our previous company name, San Marco USA, is used but we are now officially ROMA as of 2013)

ROMA’s paints boast NO APEOs, NO PEGs, NO solvents, NO Latex and NO asthmatic triggers.

The Vail’s home was featured in the 2012 Modern Atlanta Home Tour and was named the 2012 Earthcraft Platinum Project of the year by the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association and Southface.

Be sure to click here to read the full article and see all of the photographs from the AJC online.

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