The Undoing of Graffiti

Driving to work this morning I noticed all of the Graffiti art on the bridges, billboards and buildings I passed. While some appreciate it as an art form others find it quite the nuisance and it has become a global problem. Are you aware that in the US, the public spends 12 billion a year in graffiti prevention and clean up? In 2007 alone, approximate damages by vandals and graffiti artists estimated close to 10 billion euros in Europe.

Not only does San Marco produce a Graffiti Remover,, but there is an Isograff Anti-Graffiti Protection,  Graffiti can be removed by applying the Graffiti Remover, and covering with plastic wrap until the Graffiti Remover weakens the offensive solvent markers and/or enamel paints. Then, using pressurized hot water and brushes to gently remove the damages caused by vandals, the original historical or mineral surface is restored without causing any harm to the surface. A lot of times, people think that the only solution is to paint over the problem when this can actually worsen the damage caused to the surface. Not to mention, vandals are likely to strike again.

Once you clean the surface and repaint, you can then apply the Isograff Anti Graffiti Remover which will facilitate removing graffiti by simple use of hot steam. The Isograff Anti Graffiti Remover also protects against smog deposits while reducing water absorption and dirt buildup, without altering the breathability of the surfaces.

A few years ago, a local architecture firm here in Atlanta was vandalized with blue paint on the front stucco facade. Chris Lewis of San Marco, USA was able to come over, remove the graffiti using San Marco Graffiti Remover then re-paint. The only remotely hard part about the process was matching the color of the stucco building.

San Marco, USA’s Graffiti Remover is approved by the Superintendent for the Preservation of Historical Monuments and Patrimonial Arts of Venice. San Marco actually funded the clean up of the San Marco Piazza, removing graffiti and protecting its colonnades from future damage.

This is a great solution for government, state and federal buildings and monuments. If you are in a position to refer our products for such uses, please do and use our website as a reference tool.

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