When change means better and more profitable

Change is challenging for anyone, even when that change can mean more cost-effective, less time consuming and  a healthier environment.  With the tremendous amount of new information in the last several years,  who really has time to sift through all the data and find out what is relevant and useful?

But what if with one decision, you could gain the following benefits: a faster turn around on build outs, a cost competitive product that gets you LEED points, assurance for your customers that their new neighbor’s move won’t disrupt their work,  and beautiful results.

Who wouldn’t want that?

Well, you can get all of this with San Marco USA who has brought traditional technologies to the US that will change the way you think about paint.

So can a simple can of paint really make my life that much better?

Yes! San Marco USA has brought potassium silicate paint to the American market. That is not necessarily new   but what is new is our pricing is cost competitive with other latex low VOC paints offered by national retailers.

So what’s the big deal about potassium silicate paint?

Potassium silicate paint has been around for hundreds of years. After World War II, we entered the chemical age and it was all about using petroleum and creating new products. The thinking was  if it’s new then it must be better, but the truth was there wasn’t any focus on health and odors and we didn’t study the long term effects of using petroleum. At that point we thought petroleum resources were infinite and it was included in everything from foam to nylon to plastic to paint. We also didn’t think there would be a negative impact on our health.

The marketplace knows today that allergies and asthma are huge concerns in the built environment. If employees can’t work in a “sick” building  then a company isn’t going to be successful. And that means what you use on your walls matters. To attract more customers, indoor air quality and a healthy building could make the difference between new tenants or no tenants.

But it’s also about money

“Well, sure it’s great that our customers are healthy and happy but what about cost?” you might ask. What if we could assure you that the odor from potassium silicate is so small that you could paint during the day? No, really. Also, that it would take less time because wall coverage is actually better? Well, that’s true too. If you could purchase a product and then save up to 20% on installation wouldn’t that be worth it alone? We encourage you to take the San Marco USA smell test, but if that isn’t good enough, San Marco USA also has DIN and ISO certification from Europe. DIN certification is the most rigorous product certification in Europe. So don’t just trust us, trust the independent third party certification.

What about LEED?

Currently, LEED does not certify products but you do get points for using potassium silicate on your next LEED project whether it’s a new building or existing building also known as EB. In fact, you can get up to six LEED points using San Marco USA’s potassium silicate and everyone needs points.

So why not make the change?

If you could save money, offer benefits to your clients, give yourself a competitive edge, and help reduce petroleum products from the market place, why wouldn’t you make the change? See wasn’t that easy?

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