Why Choose Eco-Friendly Paints For Your Home?

We guess healthy paints is just in the air. And guess what? We have the best in the business. The paints are from the leading manufacturer in Italy with over 85 years of experience. This came from Eco Friendly Homes.

Do you know that the conventional paints which we use contain chemicals which can cause cancer, asthma and allergic reactions? These are just to name a few side-effects. Before we dip those brushes into the bucket, lets have an inside look at the side effects

of conventional paints and the benefits of choosing eco-friendly paints for your wonderful home and health.

The harmful hazards of using Conventional Paints:

  • Paints and other coatings are the second biggest sources of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emissions, right after automobiles.
  • These Volatile Organic Compounds are the solvents (capable of dissolving other substances) in many paints. These solvents evaporate and contribute in depleting our ozone layer.
  • These are released in high concentrations while applying the paint. However most of them will carry on to emit threatening fumes for years to come.
  • The quality of many of these paints is also criticized. Because as the time passes by they tend to fade away and one cannot wash the walls without a touch-up.
  • They also contain harmful biocides (used as a preservative to extend the shelf life) and fungicides
    (used to avoid mildew growth). These toxics pollute both indoor and outdoor air.

Hence due to the increased consumer demands and environmental regulations, paint companies have now started to cultivate new paints that emit less or no VOCs. This is created by using water as the base of the paint instead of the regular petroleum based oil solvent for paints.

The Beautiful Benefits of Applying Eco-Friendly Paints:
The real chore comes while trying to find a store or company that sells the best Eco-friendly paints. This column will help you solve that problem.

  • Look for paints that meet the Green Seal Standards (It is a non-profit establishment that toils to develop environmental standards).
  • There are many different types of eco paints like the most commonly used clay paint. Its solvent mostly consists of water and is made of earth based minerals. Colors vary from natural earth to blue, orange and white.
  • Lime wash which is a wonderful eco-friendly paint is made from calcium based minerals. When combined with water, it makes a natural and simple paint.
  • Milk paint is also a good eco paint. It has a protein in it which is called Casein. This protein is extracted from milk and then mixed with water, clay and powder to form a thick paint.

Additional Tips About the Usage of Eco-Friendly Paints:

  • All of these natural paints are generally used for indoor painting as they come with a matte finish and are generally not tough enough for outdoor usage.
  • However, the problem of VOCs is far less damaging in outdoor painting projects as the air dilutes the effects of VOCs. Hence for outdoor painting one should be cautious to choose those paints which do not contain heavy toxins or metals.
  • But, those who are determined to have a completely natural outdoor coating generally have fewer options like lime wash, finish or stain.

A healthy natural paint not only protects and saves the environment but also your savings account. Some of these eco paints are used even for the restoration and preservation of national monuments! Lets start painting our home and earth green.

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