Eco Cement

Intonachino Minerale GF & GM

Eco Cement Stucco
Fine & Medium Grain Finishes

A Natural Mineral Product

Approved as an Eco construction material in Europe with optimum breathability 90% – 95%, prohibits mold forming bacteria, 0% – 1.85% VOC (<30g/lt).

Lime based cement was created by the Etruscans in Italy around 700BC, and was adapted and further developed by the Romans, the secret of successful building technology for the last 3,000 years. It was the Etruscans who invented, for the first time in human history the function of the arch, and with cement, revolutionized architecture, creating the seeds for establishing the largest empire in human history. Portland based cements were invented in the late 1700’s, but really did not make it to the market until the end of the 1800’s. In the short time of their introduction to the market, the material, while excellent for structural purposes, generally does not perform well after 20 years, is made with toxic chemicals, and is the second largest polluter in the World for the environment (petroleum being the foremost).

Ecological cement is made from either Hydralic Cement NHL 3.5 or Slaked Lime CL 90, and when applied to the surface of a building with a mineral base, will carbonize for up to a 1000 years. It is 4 times more elastic than cement and is non-harmful to the environment. San Marco cement stucco is pre-mixed from Slaked Lime Putty, can be pre-tinted and is an excellent base for any mineral paint or plaster product such as Marmorino, Antica Calce Lime Wash, Marmo Antico, and Grassello di Calce.

Sizes and Calculations:
Recyclable Plastic or Metal Buckets.
1 Bucket weighs 55 lbs
Square Footage Coverage per Bucket: Fine Grain .07mm
400 – 450 square feet with 1 application
2 coats required for most finishes.
Square Footage Coverage per Bucket: Medium Grain 1.4mm
100 – 150 square feet with 1 application
1 coat required for most finishes.
1st and 2nd Coat: 1/8th – 3/16 inch thickness per coat

Can be applied to interior/exterior surfaces, excellent freeze thaw qualities, can be pre-tinted, trowel or sponge trowel finish.

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