Marmo Antico (Tuscan Plaster)

A Natural Mineral Product

A traditional historical lime stucco for interior and exterior finishes for decorative effects and old world finishes.

Approved as an Eco construction material in Europe with optimum breathability 90% – 95%, prohibits mold forming bacteria, 0% – 1.85% VOC (<30g/lt).

Marmo Antico could be considered an Italian farmer’s or poor man’s stucco.The basic ingredients of this material, unlike Marmorino and Grassello di Calce, is that the marble grains are not ground to a very fine powder. Instead the marble grains are typical of milled sized grains associated with grains of most sands, averaging about .07mm per grain. Very fine powdered marble during the Medieval and Renaissance would have required subsequent man hours to produce, thus the cost of finely powered marble dust was not a material that could be afforded by the masses.

Nevertheless, the essential elements of this product is Slaked Lime material and marble grains, and these materials have resisted the elements and the wear of time and still can be easily found in most rural towns and villages in historical buildings all over Italy. Lime washes perform particularly well when applied to these types of surfaces because of their high permeability. They permit the crystallization of the marble and paint pigment minerals to form subtle but very sensual mottled effects that do not occur on any other stucco or mineral surfaces. This permits Lime Wash to be at its best.

Marmo Antico can also be tinted without the need to apply Lime Wash by a skilled artisan and be manipulated to create stone-like effects, like unfilled Travertine marble.

Material Composition:

Slaked Lime, Marble dust, and Paint color are created by the use of concentrated natural earth minerals, a small amount of binding resin, and water.

Composition has incredible capacity to absorb moisture and wick that toward the external walls of the house.

Absorbing oxygen and humidity, Marmorino and slaked lime products actually are proven to absorb carbon monoxide and other toxins in your house and passively remove them toward the outside environment.

It is for this reason that the ECC has mandated eventual building code requirements for any Eco Certifications to use these natural materials for the purpose of self cleaning, and breathability. Surprisingly enough, with the right wall construction and use of these materials, Slaked Lime products will create natural climate controlling aspects. You will have noticed this with any travels in Italy upon entering a restored Roman or a Renaissance Villa.

Sizes and Calculations:
Recyclable Plastic or Metal buckets.
1 Bucket weighs 55 lbs.
Square Footage Coverage: 200 – 250 square feet with 1 application.
Can be applied to exterior surfaces, excellent freeze thaw qualities.
1st Coat: 1/16th – 1/8th inch thickness
2nd Coat: 1/16th – 1/8th inch thickness

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