Realtor Do Blog reccomends using Venetian Plaster

San Marco USA can help you with any of these solutions.

If you’re interesting to decorate a room, you may consider adding a plaster finish to your wall. A decorative plaster wall is a great way to add the perfect finishing touch to your room’s design. There are many different looks that can be created.

1. Venetian Plaster Finish
Venetian plaster is the most traditional and recognizable plaster finishes. To place this plaster you have to call a professional, do not applying for your self. You can simulate the look for a beautiful effect, usually you can mix of drywall compound and add quartz sand to create a mixture that you can place to the wall using a putty trowel. Well, is gonna need some practice if this is your first attempt. Practice on piece of wood or drywall until you have learned something to get it done. Then once it is finished and dried, you can paint the walls as your wish.

2. Textured Walls
This is the perfect base for various plaster effects and you can create virtually any look that you want on the wall.You can place the compound with a trowel for an authentic plaster design. Or you can use a brush, drywall knife or a paint roller with texture shape. Every tools yields a different look, so try to applying it on a practice board before take a real action on your wall.

The advantage of applying texture to your walls is to masking any minor cracks or damage. But if you have a major damage on your wall surface, you have to repair it before applying plaster to the walls. As for the minor cracks or imperfection you can simply use plastering technique to camouflage any cracks. After that applying your texture material to the walls, let the compound dry, and continue by painting and primming as you usually would.

3. The Look of Stucco
If you like, you can make your own stucco wall. Preping your walls add about a 1/4 inch layer of all purpose drywall compound to the surface of the wall. Then apply it with a trowel in a half circle movements, it’s circle pattern that will create the illusion of stucco on your walls. Make some test on the test board before applying it to your walls. For realistic finish you can apply your foux stucco in several layers. The most important part is whenever you’re applying any type of drywall compound to your walls, you have to ensure that you let every layer of stucco dry completely, if not the layers will peel and separate from the wall. After the plaster material is completely dry and cured , you can paint your newly textured walls to blend with your design.

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