What is Lime Wash Paint Finish?

We thought a just the basics of lime wash might help convince you why you never need to use latex again. Note: In fairness to the article we left making lime wash from scratch in the article, but why would anyone ever want to make their own when you have a such a trusted product like San Marco USA at your disposal? Plus we give give the highest level of application support around.

While lime wash paint is not a new product, the natural paint traditionally used to paint and protect historical buildings has grown in popularity among homeowners. Made of calcium rich limestone, this is a great alternative to those with allergies or asthma or if you’re just trying to be more eco-friendly. Ever since the Environmental Protection agency placed traditional paint in the Top 5 list of biohazards, natural paints such as lime wash are increasing in popularity.

Lime Wash Paint Basics
Lime wash is great for faux finishes that create an Old World look. In fact, lime wash has been used for thousands of years. Because the substance penetrates the surface deeply, you don’t have to worry about peeling. Natural paint frees consumers of the chemicals that may cause health and environmental problems. In addition, unlike most natural paints, lime wash can be used both indoors and outdoors. Lime wash also is good for graffiti, as it is highly absorbent.

Homemade Lime Wash Paint

While you can purchase lime wash in the store, some have taken to making their own. This can both save the headaches caused by smelly traditional paint and it can help out when you’re on a budget. To make your own lime wash, purchase hydrated lime from your local hardware store and mix with water. Gradually add the water until it has the consistency of a thick cream. Natural earth dyes can be added for a colorized effect.

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