What is the difference between mineral & latex paint?

Latex Paint vs. Plaster

A Mineral Paint is a paint derived from a natural product such as stone or earth. Through a natural chemical reaction, using fire, water, and air, stone or earth is transformed into a paint product, that when applied, forms a chemical reaction with the atmosphere, causing the paint to crystallize or petrify to the surface to which the paint has been applied, thus forming a bond. Mineral Paints and Slaked Lime Plasters average about 90% – 95% breathability. They have the ability to improve interior air quality because they feed on CO2 for carbonizaton, and they slowly permit interior air by static pressure to move toward the outside, thus removing toxins. Mineral paints are ecological non-toxic products, and naturally prohibit the formation of bacteria that causes mold to form on their surfaces due to their alkaline content.

A Latex Paint is a paint derived from a chemical process of petrol refinement to form chemicals that when mixed with certain coalescing agents, creates a paint product.When applied to a surface and dried, these chemicals leave a “plastic” decorative film on the surface. Latex Paints are not breathable, are not ecological, may be toxic (all latex paints must be disposed of as toxic or harmful waste for municipal landfills, with or without 0% VOC), and contribute to the formation of bacteria to grow and form mold.

San Marco USA Paint & Plaster Products

As required by EEC law, San Marco USA lists the VOC content for every product on its product label. There is in every paint, no matter how ecological or natural, a minimum amount of VOC content. The amount of color tint or resins that are necessary to create a wide spectrum color range of paint products requires the use of some trace chemicals to create color cadmiums, some green and blue pigments. Not withstanding the use of these pigments, San Marco USA paints contain with maximum color concentrations, and mixed as recommended by the manufacturer, less than the legal maximum amount of VOC (<30g/lt) which is equivalent to 1.85% VOC content, for all mineral paints and plasters, and latex based products. The EEC standard for rating VOC’s is a legal and binding guarantee of the quality of European Paint and Plasters products, and thus are scientifically guaranteed to have the lowest VOC products in the USA.

As of the end of 2010, San Marco USA will have eliminated all chemical VOC content in it’s pigments, which will reduce the VOC product content to a range of less than 0.01% to 0.05% of VOC x liter of paint. Because of the scientific requirements as enforced by the EEC, San Marco USA Paints and Plasters will be considered one of the few producers of paint products in the world providing a wide range of over 1000 colors with the lowest VOC content available in the USA and the World.

A scientific formula can be provided at request to measure maximum amounts of legal VOC permitted in any of San Marco USA paint or plaster products.

For information about San Marco USA products click here.

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