Return to the Roman Empire

Benvenuto a San Marco USA.

Roman terme at Pompeii with Natural Cement Stucco and Marmorino finish.

If one wishes to classify these materials as eco building materials or “green” building materials to associate them with market trends, it is easily accomplished. But it is infinitely far more accurate to consider these building materials and technologies as earth science technology.

The traditions for these materials were realized by artisans, inventors, architects, terrain and climate conditions.

More significantly, the designs of buildings and residences were the effort by a people to confront the cycles of Nature, and to procure a controlled environmental space, not only to protect themselves and their families, but to realize an environment that would harmonize their efforts for food gathering, transportation, learning, commerce, and the enjoyment of life through these efforts.

San Marco USA offers an Old World solution of Historical Paints and Finishes based on earth science materials to build a sustainable environmental climate, with natural products and traditions. This is the path for architecture and building sciences, to create in a home, a healthy environment that promotes benessere “well being”.

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